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Martin Smet dedicates his Sylloge (published in 1588 by Justus Lipsius) to Marcus Laurin(us) and mentions among his patrons, friends and collaborators in Rome between 1545 and 1551: Angelo Colocci, Gentile Delfini, Rodolfo Pio da Carpi, Benedetto Egio, Jean Matal, Antoine Morillon, Stephanus Winandus Pighius, 


Brief Panvinios an Kardinal Alessandro Farnese vom 17. Juli 1565 [Riebesell 1994] "In letzterem fordert er den Kardinal auf, den säumig zahlenden Haushofmeister Messer Titio an sein Gehalt zu erinnern, schließlich habe er inzwischen 5 „bocche“ zu ernähren. drei Schreiber, einen Maler und einen Koch; publ. bei RonchiniArmadio 1872 (FN 13), S. 219–221; vgl. auch Perini 1899, op.cit., S. 254"

[Bauer 2020: 168] "On 17 July Panvinio requested money from Cardinal Farnese, so that he could feed the five mouths he employed to finish his Church History: three scribes, an illustrator, and even a cook.[FN 86 Panvinio to Farnese (Caprarola), 17 July 1565, in Ronchini, ‘Panvinio’, 220–1: ‘tre scrittori, un pittore e un cuoco’. In a letter of 1563, Panvinio wrote that he had ‘quattro e sei scrittori a mie spese’ (Gersbach, ‘De comitiis’, 443)."