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Luca Contile writes a letter to Sigismonde d'Este about meetings of the Accademia. He mentions Molza, Longhena (Lucenio), il Cencio, Filandro [Philandrier], (Marcantonio) Flaminio, Francesco Atestini and Tolomei. (according to [Pagliara 1986, S. 72, n. 24]: 

according to Contile [Lettere, libro 1, ed. Pavia: Bartoli, 1564, fol. 19v–21v / ed. Venezia: 1564, fol. 16r–17r ] one of the members of the «Accademia della Vertù» [sic!] when they met in Tolomei's house in Rome in 1541. The other persons mentioned by Contile as participants of the meetings (which took place 2 times per week in Tolomei's house) are: